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some news is news

I now have a ship date for BMT.  March 1.  I get the holidays at home, get to take care of my taxes, and then I'm off just before my birthday.  I'll turn 32 the first week of BMT.  Which really will make me one of the older guys there.  Here's the full schedule.

BMT 1 MAR - 29 APR
Tech school 11 MAY - 17 AUG
Phase 2 tech school 24 AUG - 5 OCT

What is different here is that the schedule appears to be 8 months long, not 13.  There's still some question about that.  According to my recruiter, Phase 2 is the hospital training.  My brother tells me that until they (being the USAF) know what hospital I'll do the hospital work at, the orders are generic.  So, 13 months is still on the table.


I guess it doesn't really matter.  I'll go when and where they send me and will do my best to bring excellence to my training and studies.  

I'm not looking past the 8.5 weeks of BMT, but I really want to get into the Tech School and start learning the job and get into the medical part of my career.  I really want to like the work.  If I can transition this into a good civilian job, maybe get the AF to pay for nursing school or something, I'll be golden.  Actually, I get through this, I'll be golden, period. 

I'm done with the "waiting to wait" stage.  Now I'm "waiting with purpose."

Six months. 

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